Your face is your reflection of health and your first impression of self and beauty.

Our exclusive facial skin care line is full of ingredients that are guaranteed to improve your skin's  appearance. Our ingredients contain only concentrated extracts, peptides, vitamins and other nutraceuticals; no unnecessary texturizers, fillers or emulsifiers.
All our facials are customized and tailored to your skin type, concerns and goals for specific results. All products are therapeutically driven, fragrance free, paraben free blends of natural, organic & herbal ingredients, will give your skin the fighting chance it needs to see results.

NOW OFFERING A 20% AHA Pumpkin Enzyme Peel Masque

100% natural, professional strength
Brighter, smoother and more even skin tone and texture with just one application
- exfoliates to remove dead skin cells
- loosens and dissolves cellular debris
- renews and revives dull, damaged or dry skin
- improves skin tone and texture
- reduces redness and pigmentation
- reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
- 20 exfoliating and repairing herbal extracts
- vitamins E and B5 soothe and hydrate
- clove, nutmeg, ginger and lemongrass essential oils

Add to any 60 minute or longer Facial for only $25

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45 minute Express Facial $85 - A thorough cleansing with steam, exfoliation, skin analysis, custom masque, massage, serum infusion, moisturize, lip and sun block protection. No extractions.

60 minute Custom Facial $110 - Our Signature Facial! Two thorough cleansings with steam, pumpkin & papaya exfoliation-enzyme masque, extractions, custom masque, shoulders, arm, hand, chest, face, neck & scalp massage, serum infusion, moisturize, lip and sun block protection. You've tried the rest, now experience the best! Voted #1 by Bello Vita guests.

75 minute Deep Cleanse Detox Facial $135 - If you are suffering from break outs, need extra extractions or just looking for a deep cleansing of the skin, this is the facial for you!

90 minute Ultimate Pampering $160 - Spa lovers' favorite! Treat yourself to two thorough cleansings with steam, exfoliation-enzyme masque, extra extractions, custom masque, shoulder, arm, hand, décolletage, face, neck, scalp massage, serum infusion, moisturize, lip & sun block protection.

What is your skin type?

    Dry - does not produce enough oil

    Normal - has good oil-water balance

    Combination - both oily & dry or oily & normal

    Oily - excess oil production

    Sensitive - easily irritated by products & exposure to sun

What are your skin concerns and goals?

    Acne Control - helps control active acne breakouts

    Anti-Aging - helps prevent the signs of aging
    Brightening - pigmentation control

    Correcting - helps smooth fine lines & wrinkles

    Detoxifying - helps clear congested skin

    Exfoliating - helps to remove dead skin cells

    Firming - tightens & firms sagging skin

    Hydrating - moisturizes dehydrated skin

    Nourishing - improves overall skin tone & texture

    Soothing - calms Rosacea, inflammation or irritation